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Love collecting art ? These paintings may be just for you!

Affordably priced and specially curated, now you can take home artwork from our many local and international artists !

S Dana, Evening by the Lake (2015)
Oil on Canvas, 100x150cm

S Dana, Harvesting (2017)
Acrylic on canvas, 80cm x 120cm

S Dana, The Procession (2017)
Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 120cm

S Dana, In a Field of Sunflowers (2017)
Acrylic on Canvas, 80 x 180cm

S Dana, Flame of the Forest (2014)
Acrylic on canvas, 70cm x 200cm

S Dana, White Waterlilies (2017)
Acrylic on canvas, 150 x 100cm

S Dana, Harvest of Gold (2017)
Acrylic on Canvas, 50 x 200cm

S Dana, Gathering in Autumn (2011)
Acrylic on canvas, 45cm x 150cm

S Dana, Seaviews from Nusa Dua (2016)
Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 150cm

Michelle Chang, Purrisian (2012)
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24ins

Michelle Chang, A Mid Summer Nights Dream (2013)
Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24ins

Michelle Chang, Brave New World (2014)
Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 20ins

Jaxton Su, Watching the clouds roll by (2015)
Oil on canvas, 61cm x 76cm

Jaxton Su, Psychetopia (2017)
Oil on canvas, 60cm x 80cm

Jaxton Su, I Would Rather be Cold (2018)
Oil on canvas, 48cm x 60cm

Tan Juat Lee, Love Affair (1996)
Oil on Canvas, 50.5cm x 61cm

Tan Juat Lee, Afternoon Delight (1996)
Oil on Canvas, 76cm x 101.65cm

Tan Juat Lee, A Touch of Nyonya
Oil on Canvas, 61cm x 76cm

Goh Chye Khee, Downtown Fullerton Hotel (2013)
Watercolour-Mixed Media, 56 x 76cm

Goh Chye Khee, New Financial Centre Marina Bay (2018)
Mixed Media, 56 x 76cm

Goh Chye Khee, Mid Autumn Festival (2015)
Mixed Media, 39 x 55cm