American Artist

Jared Davis

Jared Davis, now in his early thirty’s, was born in New York City and raised in Aspen, Colorado. He has spent the last 10 years working with blown glass, beginning at K Dahl Glass Studios. In 1995, Davis was introduced to Swedish glass masters, Jan-Erik Ritzman and Sven Ǻke Carlsson, who invited Davis to study with them in Transjö, Sweden, for two years. Prior to his trip to Sweden, in the winter of 1996, Davis studied Italian style glass blowing and glass sculpturing at The Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, Washington.

The apprenticeship ended in July 1998. Davis then returned to Crawford, Colorado with his family to become an active glass blower and designer for K Dahl Glass Studios. In 2001 Jared started his own business, Davis Glass. He currently sends his work to galleries all over the country and focuses solely on his designs.

When working with blown glass, he is working with a molten material, which follows a viscous path according to where it is hottest and coolest. During his apprenticeship Davis mastered some of the more difficult form. Jared is inspired by the vast beauty, by which he is surrounded, in western Colorado. Most of his works contain many earthen tones. By using his Fission technique that is layering numerous colours and using a special crackle process, he has created a recognizable design, which results in unique one of a kind works of art.

Incalmo Vessel Black Red
28cm x 28cm

Druid Arch Series V
28cm x 60cm

Fission Spire Vase Curry (2004)
18cm x 43cm