Argentinian Artist

Daniela Fernandez (Argentina)

Daniela Fernandez – Biography

Daniela, born in Argentina, was a “Nose” in the perfume industry for over nine years for International Flavors & Fragrances after having acquired her Bachelor in Chemistry.

It was while creating fragrances that she had the chance to experience and observe a different perspective in human emotions and landscape.
Daniela is a self-taught artist who was inspired by different artists. Back in 2000, she moved to Brazil where the colurful culture and people inspired her works. She quotes:
“ Colors talk, colors scream, colors cry and unleash the passion of every moment you choose to live …”

Moving to Asia in 2004, she instantly fell in love with it and its people.
“ Asia made me perceive life in a different way, be awake to the subtle movements of energy within places and people…deep emotions that unveil in shy smiles and intense sights with energy you only capture if you are open… It is appreciation of life, of that precise moment…”
“It is amazing what this continent, its people and nature created in me. In Asia I continued discovering my inner self, I learned to feel without constrains and communicate with other souls by being in the “now” …such an amazing thing has to be shared.”

Whoever understands the feeling I am trying to transmit, is connecting with me… and I believe this is my main goal…”

The canvas is the link between myself and whoever is looking at my painting and I feel blessed to touch them hopefully, for life…”
Daniela has held several 9 exhibitions with the latest one held in The Arts House in Singapore in 2014.

Namaste Collection; Middle East (2014)
Oil on Canvas 66 x 66 cm

Namaste Collection; Himalayas (2014)
Oil on Canvas on Silk Panel 76 x 62 cm

Namaste Collection; Afro American (2014)
Oil on Canvas 66 x 66 cm