Singapore Artist

Amita Dutt

“There is a saying that every nice piece of work needs the right person in the right place at the right time.” Benoit Mandelbrot

At 47, I found the artist in me. I have been a loyal lover of the canvas and paint brush since. That was 5 years ago.

A life time as a lawyer has cultivated my creativity and given me many, many stories and experiences waiting to be expressed. My fascination for people and their emotions have now found an outlet.

And that is what my paintings are about; people and how they feel.

My focus has been love.

My years in practise have led me to the happy conclusion that if you dig deep enough, a person’s actions are ultimately rooted in love, albeit to transact, plan or seek advise.

It is that magical chemistry in a relationship that I try to capture on canvas. It could be between a child and pet, parent and child, between friends….the combinations are endless. A smile, a gesture, an expression perhaps …… the secret expressions too are endless

Having grown up in Singapore and been fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit, my characters are multi-racial and religious. And surely that must be so as Love is universal.

My paintings has travelled to international fairs and exhibitions in India, Dubai and Malaysia. On home soil, there have been 2 years of participation at the Affordable Art Fair, Singapore and at many gallery-held private and public exhibitions.

There are so many paintings waiting to be painted and so little time …”

A Serenade (2016)
Oil on Canvas 91cm x 61cm

Ma 8 (2015)
Oil on Canvas 95cm x 95cm

Friends for Life (2016)
Oil on Canvas 80cm x 80cm

Together Always (2014)
Oil on Canvas 80cm x 61cm

Three Implets (2016)
Oil on Canvas 76cm x 76cm

My Favourite Doll (2016)
Oil on Canvas 60cm x 50cm