Indonesian Artist

Agnes Budhisurya

Agnes Budhisurya was born in the village of Mayang, East Java, Indonesia. She began her involvement in art and design by attending the Architectural School of Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta.

Agnes’ career began in the mid 1980s, and for over 40 years, her forte lay in her artistic skills in the creation of unique embroidery designs.

By 1990s, Agnes’ designs were being sold in stores all over Europe, Japan, the United States, Middle East and South Africa.

Her unique and stunning designs have drawn admiration from her design contemporaries and a strong following from Jakarta’s fashion crowd.

Agnes has recently embarked on a new chapter in her life. Instead of just painting on fabric, she now also paints on canvas. Her subjects are similar to those on her evening gowns. Nature inspires her art. These are the plants and flowers in her garden as well as the many gardens she has visited around the world. Unlike the many limitations of painting on fabric, Agnes has found joy, greater expression and artistic freedom on canvas.

Acrylic on Canvas 135cm X 70cm

Hortensia 2
Acrylic on Canvas 120cm X 120cm

Hortensia 1
Acrylic on Canvas 120cm X 120cm

Sun Flower 3
Acrylic on Canvas 100cm X 100cm