Sinagpore Artist

Huang Yifan

Huang Yifan, born in 1987, graduated with a Diploma in Sculpture from LaSalle College of the arts in 2008.

Since 2007, Huang Yifan has been active in the local arts scene. He was commissioned to create 20 sculptures, which were presented to ASEAN’s Ministers, as part of the 13th ASEAN Summit, held in Singapore.

In 2008, he was chosen out to represent Singapore for the ASEAN Youth Camp, in Indonesia, as the sole representative for the crafts. His artistic talent has won him awards from the CDL Sculpture Competition and finishing 3rd in the Croc “Colour Your Shoe” Design Competition. In 2010, he was commissioned a public sculpture to commemorate the first Singapore Youth Olympic Games, 4m x 4m, “A World United”.

Huang Yifan is currently practising as a full time artist.

Dancing Plants Stainless Steel
Sculpture mounted on wood 95(W) x 48(D) x 67(H) cm

Black egg (I) & (II) and Nap Ceramic

Swing (Music) 5 Stainless Steel Sculptures