Singapore Artist

Tong Chin Sye 童振狮

Tong Chin Sye is an avid traveller who sketches and paints on location. He is inspired by architectural and cultural subject matters. Tong’s painting technique is distinctive as his oils and watercolours naturally blend in the beauty of Chinese Calligraphy. Painting the rapidly changing cityscapes and street scenes of Singapore continues to be his passion.

Born in Singapore in 1939, Tong Chin Sye is a full-time artist and graduated from the now defunct Singapore Academy of Fine Arts in 1960. He has taught Western Art on a part-time basis at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. A representative 2nd generation artist, he is well known for his versatility and has trained in both Western and Chinese art, oils, watercolour, acrylic, Chinese ink and calligraphy.

In 1987, Tong won first prize in the PSA Art Competition held in Singapore. He also won the Tan Tsze Chor Art Award in 1992. He was invited in 1998 to represent Singapore at the Flemish Watercolour Days in Zaventum, Europe. He has held solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad.

Today Tong is still a keen traveller and seeks inspiration for his paintings in many sights and places overseas.

Singapore River (1983)
Watercolour on Paper 57cm x 77cm

Jurong River (1997)
Mixed Media on Canvas 56cm x 76cm

Watercolour on Paper 57cm x 77cm

Kampong Wat Selat (1992)
Chinese Ink on Rice Paper 64cm x 64cm

Hard at Work (1988)
Chinese Ink and Colour on Rice Paper 77cm x 110cm

Wheelbarrowing for the Future (1988)
Chinese Ink and Colour on Rice Paper 77cm x 110cm

Bombay (1985)
Watercolour on Paper 57cm x 77cm