Israeli Artist

Roni Ben Simhon

Roni Ben Simhon was born in 1966 in Jerusalem. For the past 30 years he has been working and creating, as a photographer, in Tel Aviv and Europe. Roni took up photography as a hobby in 1990’s and started out as a fashion photographer. Soon he became one of the leading photographers in the Israeli art scene. In 1998, Roni was awarded the ‘Photographer of the Year’ in Tel Aviv. His works were published in various magazines and TV commercials.

Roni works mostly with Canon cameras and a variety of wide-angle lenses. He initially specialised in commercials and portraits but was later drawn to landscapes. He liked the idea of adding human images into his vast, open-spaced landscape backgrounds. Technology opened up a wide range of avenues for him to express himself where he could create artistic, enchanting and isolated worlds in his works.

Roni has travelled around the world to places like India, Australia, and Zanzibar to gain inspiration for his craft. He is able to capture the essence of new locations while still maintaining his unique style…. a style which reflects calmness, serenity, colour and vibrancy, all while still being contemporary minimalistic, like urban poetry. Roni Ben Simhon’s sweeping panoramic landscapes of beaches, city skylines and deserts are clean, minimalist and a touch surrealistic.
Roni’s technique involves his distinct sense of artistry and eye for detail.

Beach City (2016) Limited Edition 1 of 10
Photographic Print on Canvas 80cm x 180cm

Beach 04 (Gold Coast, Australia) (2016) Limited Edition 1 of 10 Photographic Print on Canvas 80cm x 180cm

Lunch Time (2016) Limited Edition 6 of 10
Photographic Print on Canvas 80cm x 180cm

Flights (2016) Limited Edition 3 of 10
Photographic Print on Canvas 60cm x 120cm