Singapore Artist

Koeh Sia Yong 许锡勇

Koeh Sia Yong plays an influential role in the shaping of Singapore art. He is one of the pioneers clan of the second generation artists in Singapore. Born in 1938, he graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1958, majored in Western Painting.  Apart from being an independent artist, Koeh also assumed other roles of an art editor working for children Art Magazine in the 70s, and also as a graphic designer and political cartoonist for Nanyang Business Newspaper in the 80s.

Koeh’s artistic career spans over 50 years, his unique and excellent painting techniques displays an intimate blend of light and colour. He excels at capturing the ambiance of his subject with his realistic and expressive approaches. His paintings portray the rich culture scenes of Southeast Asia and its people, notably in Bali and Singapore.

Koeh has participated in many art exhibitions, locally and abroad. He has also successfully held many solo exhibitions and published two catalogues “Koeh Sia Yong Cartoons” and “Koeh Sia Yong’s Paintings”.  His works of art are sought after by many collectors , including MNCs, banks, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, Gakkai Malaysia Art Museum, Fukuoka Art Museum Japan, universities and art connoisseurs.

Pekin Street (2014)
Oil on Canvas 60cm x 70cm

Corner of Upper East Coast Road – Bedok Road Bend (1988) Oil on Canvas 60cm x 70cm

Balinese Rhythm II
Oil on Paper 55cm x 37cm

The Vanishing Sia Kim Island Singapore (1960)
Woodcut Print 30cm x 20cm

Missing Out on School (1957)
Woodcut Print 20.5cm x 15.3cm

Contemplation (Indian Worker at Bukit Merah Bricks Factory) (1958) Woodcut Print 20.5 cm x 15.3 cm

Illegal Hawking (1957)
Woodcut Print 20.5cm x 15.5cm

Extortion (1957)
Woodcut Print 15.5cm x 20.5cm