Stay tuned to ‘Infinite Impressions’ a solo exhibition by Zhang Chun Lei coming January 2021!

@Pan Pacific Art Space, Pan Pacific Singapore

7 Raffles Boulevard

Singapore 039595

Zhang Chunlei’s artistic career started at a young age when he was apprenticed to renowned Chinese painter, Master Jiang Fengbai. He is currently living and working in Singapore and his art practice spans between Singapore and Shanghai, China.

Influenced by the Lao Zhuang Philosophy, which advocates artistic beauty and equilibrium, Zhang’s painting technique involves creating a series of tightly woven dots and lines, weaving a purposeful formation with alternating colours. This concept of fusion of figurative and abstract elements results in a stunning work of art.

In this 5th solo exhibition Zhang creates a series of 35 paintings that are a colourful montage of his experiences and impressions: scenes and images that are contemporary and familiar, yet highlighting his affinity for elements of cultural tradition.

Since 2000, Zhang has also had many successful solo and group exhibitions. He has also won many accolades and awards, and his paintings are collected by corporate and private art collectors.

Zhang Chun LeiThian Hock Keng (2019) Oil & acrylic on canvas 80 x 120cm

Zhang Chun Lei Gardens by the bay (2019) Acrylic and oil on canvas 80 x 120cm

Bustling Chinatown (2015) Acrylic & Oil on canvas 80x120cm

Zhang Chun Lei Chinatown Lanterns (2018) Chinese ink and colour on rice paper 68x68cm

Zhang Chun Lei Joo Chiat (2016) Chinese ink and colour on rice paper 68x68cm

Zhang Chun Lei Blossom (2019) Chinese ink & colour on rice paper 68x 68cm