Singapore Artist

Zhang Chunlei 张春雷

“Infinite Impressions” a solo exhibition by Zhang Chunlei.
Paintings in acrylic, oil & chinese ink
@Pan Pacific Art Space, Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Marina Square Singapore 039595

Born in Shanghai in 1969, Zhang Chunlei’s artistic career started at a young age when he was apprenticed to renowned Chinese painter, Master Jiang Fengbai. In 1992, he graduated from the Suzhou University School of Arts with a Professional Certificate in decoration design. He continued his artistic training in Japan in 1995. In 2003, Zhang obtained his MBA from the University of South Australia. He is currently living and working in Singapore and his art practice spans between Singapore and Shanghai, China.

Influenced by the Lao Zhuang Philosophy, which advocates artistic beauty and equilibrium, Zhang’s painting technique involves creating a series of tightly woven dots, lines and planes, weaving a purposeful formation with alternating colours. This concept of fusion of figurative and abstract elements results in a stunning work of art.

Zhang’s artworks have been acquired by private and corporate collectors such as Marriot Hotel (Beijing), Yucun Art Museum and Suzhou Daily (China), the Shangri-La Hotel, Legend Hotel, Times Square Hotel and Grand Margherita Hotel (Malaysia) and Far East Plaza and Meritus Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.
His solo exhibitions include:
2017: “Flowing Thoughts – Vivid Reflections” Paintings in acrylic, oil and Chinese ink, 23 September, Blue Lotus fine art, Singapore.
2016: “Impressions 2016”, 5th-13th November, Singapore.
2014:‘“Impressions 2014 – Zhang ChunLei Solo Art Exhibition”, Singapore.2009:”Impressions of Singapore” – Solo Exhibition of paintings in his unique and new style, Singapore.

Esplanade by Night (2019)
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 80cm x 120cm

Tropical Isle (2016)
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 80 x 120cm

Thian Hock Keng (2019)
Oil and Acrylic on Canvas 80 x 120cm

Reflection (2017)
Chinese Ink 水墨画 163cm x 84cm

It’s Spring (2019)
Chinese ink and colour on rice paper 135 x 66cm

Chinatown Smith street (2019)
Chinese ink and color on rice paper 68 x 68cm