Singapore Artist

Hazel Teoh

Born in Penang-Malaysia and based in Singapore, Hazel Teoh graduated from the School of Architecture in Adelaide in 2003. She was also trained in the field of interior design and is now practicing as an architect. She spends her leisure time pursuing her other passion and hobbies: art and drawing.
Her paintings, using acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas, are characterized by cloning different facial expression from her little girls’ in an unique light-hearted trademark style.
Interpreting cartoon into modern contemporary, her series draw upon replicas of the iconic “Ha girl’s” comic expressions and emotions over mundane activities.
She also takes interest in human anatomy and is equally proficient in nude drawings with different media. Hazel took part in the AAF in 2016.

In a Zoo #2 (2015)
Oil on Canvas 30cm x 30cm

In a Zoo #5 (2015)
Oil on Canvas 30cm x 30cm

Togetherness (2016)
Oil on Canvas 100 x 100cm

Reflection #2 (2016)
Oil on Canvas 120cm x 120cm